about harry rankin

Harry spent his early years on the outskirts of London before moving to a boarding school in Somerset. There he had a lot of fun - singing in a band, growing illegal plants and learning about girls. He attended Art College for a year before taking his first job - as a photographic colour printer in Yorkshire.

Moving to London, he worked as a photographic assistant at Carlton Studios and then Freelance to many luminary photographers in Fashion and Advertising.

He shot his first cover...
....and then the wanderlust hit and he backpacked around the USA. Chance led him to stay with several film-associated folk on his travels, and he 'got the bug'!

Returning to the UK to shoot stills on a Feature starring David Jason, Diana Quick and Graaham Chapman, he also worked as a 3rd AD on productions such as 'Dickens' starring Valerie Bertinelli and Alan Badel for NBC until securing a BBC staff job. This was the 'University of Film' at the time - Unions were strong outside, and the BBC output was massive - the best training available.

He worked on everything from 'Fawlty Towers' to 'Top of the Pops', 'Grandstand' to 'Newsnight', including the largest audience recorded up to that time - a 'To the Manor Born' Christmas special (23 million viewers). For the last three years at the BBC he was Production Managing huge International Dramas - shooting in the USA and Italy, including 'No Country for Old Men' starring Trevor Howard and Cyril Cusak, 'All the World's a Stage' with Jeremy Irons, Rod Steiger and Eli Wallach and 'The Ghost Writer' with Claire Bloom and Sam Wanamaker for WGBH, Boston.

There were also one-off documentaries such as the Russell Harty special on the textile entrepreneur, John Packer, and his first Producer role on a film about New York's School of Performing Arts with Helen Slater. Alongside this he shot many celebrity stills for Radio Times magazine.

The 'Dead Man's Shoes' syndrome became a block to rapid progress and Harry entered the Freelance world. As a 1stAD in Commercials and a PM in TV he worked on award-winning shows such as the USA specials of 'Spitting Image', and the pilot of 'The Storyteller' starring John Hurt for Jim Henson, before being asked to set up 'Limelight Commercials' for Steve Barron and Simon Fields.

He took the company from a Soho kitchenette to a 10M turnover in five years and the top levels of the International Advertising business, receiving Gold awards at Cannes every year. When the company grew out of control after the success of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' and having just won the first ever BTAA 'Top Production Company' award, he left to set up his own Company, Eclipse Productions, which he wholly owned and ran with great success from day one. In 1997 it won virtually all the Internationally available awards with the seminal 'Blackcurrent Tango' ad., recently voted top ad of all time in the UK. The awards kept coming, but Harry then girded his creative loins and resumed photography and started Directing with a vengeance. He sold Eclipse in 1999 to concentrate on a solo career. Over the past few years, Harry has been working as a creative hired gun. As a photographer he has shot many beauty and fashion campaigns, including Kate Moss for De Beers, and campaigns for Reebok, J&J, P&G and stories for Magazines. As a Director he has shot campaigns for clients ranging from Cars to Beauty, Telecoms to Hair.

He now regularly works in many countries such as Russia, India, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Czech Republic and Romania. He has shot phenomenally successful campaigns such as the Fiat campaign in India featuring Sachin Tendulkar and the Coke campaign in the Middle East featuring Nancy Ajram.

His print work for Reebok and Heineken has won awards and appeared in the D&AD Annual.